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Every 1st Tuesday of the month Ronald hosts a LIVE 60 minute webinar training investors and answering questions in all areas of Real Estate Investing. Only members are allowed to register for this live interaction where ideas, improvements and issues are shared. The webinar opens up 30 minutes before start time to allow a unique networking opportunity for investors to connect. (Example Video Below👇) 

What You'll Get:👇👇👇

  • Lifetime Access To Path to Your First Deal Course 
  • Live Training & Q&A with ME every month.
  • ​Wholesaling Insider Newsletter With Tools, Tips, and Industry Updated Delivered Monthly.
  • ​Acquisitions Process Cheat Sheet, Conversation Framework, and Persuasive Vocabulary
  • ​ My Wholesale, FIX & FLIP, Novation, and Creative Finance Deal Analysis Calculator to Make Offers Quickly
  • Bonus Guides and Resources 
Full Price: $249.99


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Here's Exactly What You Get With The Monthly Membership

Monthly Training and Q&A With Ronald

Join your new community once a month for a Q&A with Ronald Walker & Special Guests. Submit your questions and have them answered live. 

INSIDER Newsletter

Each month we'll deliver training resources, tools, Real Estate Investing and wholesaling secrets straight to your inbox. This is the email you'll actually want to open.

Live Training Seminars + Recordings

Get exclusive training that I normally charge $500 an hour to coach one-on-one. We'll walk through the exclusive strategies to find deals anywhere, anytime in any market.

Tyler Austin (Founder of REISift) answers questions from our student Brian in our latest training.

Lifetime Access To Private Coaching FB Group (Coming Soon)

Access to the Member Community on Facebook where you can build and expand your network. Never be alone in this industry again. Ask questions, contribute ideas, and discover new strategies.


  • My Repair Calculator and Estimator - I use this on a daily a basis to calculate rehab costs quickly on the phone with sellers.
  • Real Estate Investor Purchase and Assignment Contracts That I Use
  • Nationwide List of Hard Money Lenders
  • ​Guidelines For Underwriting Properties
  • ​My Seller Call Scripts

All this for JUST ($249.99) $10 A MONTH.

Insane Holiday Special: 96% Off

Masterclass on How to Quit Your Job and Wholesaling Real Estate Full Time - Take a Look Inside👇

All for JUST ($249.99) $10 A MONTH. 
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